View Full Version : How do I load pictures to this site?

February 10th, 2009, 01:05 AM
There are several ways to get your pictures up here. The first way to is just attach the picture file to a post. You can hit the paperclip icon while you write a post, or you can scroll down to the "manage attachments" button, and that will let you upload pictures as well. Pictures loaded that way work great, they are automatically resized if necessary to the max allowed on the board, and they show up as thumbnails within your post. 1 click and the thumbnails become full-size with a dark background. By default pics loaded this way will show up at the end of your post. If you want them somewhere else, click where you want it in your post, then just pull the paperclip icon down again, and select the pic that you want place there.

The 2nd way is if you already have the pictures somewhere else on the internet, like Smugmug, Flickr, or PhotoBucket. In that case, all you need to do is copy the URL of the picture you want to show on this board, hit the yellow postcard icon (2162) while you write a post, and then just paste the URL into the popup box. It will show up in your post between IMG tags, and when people view your post they will see the picture directly (no thumbnail).

Finally, this board has a Picture Album feature connected to everyone's user profile. If you pull down the "Community" menu from the navigation bar, there is a choice for "Pictures & Albums". If you select it, it will take you to your own Albums. You can create a number of albums, and load up quite a few pictures directly to them. Folks will be able to view them by going to your profile page. You can even combine the last two methods. Once a picture is loaded to your album, when you click on it you'll see the BBCode for it right on the bottom. You can copy that BBCode, and then paste it into a post, and it will show up right away (no thumbnail).

Hope this helps, please just PM me with questions or if things don't seem to be working as they should.