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June 8th, 2005, 03:50 PM
It's My Passion
By Tom Hall

Itıs hard believe that thirty years have passed since my first meeting in the offices of Peterson Publications on Montgomery Street, where my early introduction to the Montgomery Street Motorcycle Club was not what I expected. Jim Turner and others invited me to join them sitting around telling dirty stories and consuming straight shots from a variety of bottles. It was in essence, "a night out with the boys"!

Several meetings later it was decided to have a scheduled ride. We rode to Alice's for breakfast and on another trip we rode to Glen Ellen for lunch. We had a picnic ride to Fort Baker and we once made a big overnight ride all the way to Pope Valley (Wow!). We were riding mostly 350 and 450 Hondas, although there were the odd Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph and maybe a 600 BMW.

How times have changed. I think back to all the rides, experiences, miles, food, booze, parties and the wonderful people I have met and have come to know. I realize motorcycling has become my passion and because of that I have traveled far and with many members of this fine Club. One year, Rich Clark, Fritz Bullmann, Jim Widner, Sed Conklin, Jan Farver and I went to Baja California. I think Bob Hilton rode to LA with us. Then Rich, Fritz, Bob Spackman and I did a loop to Vancouver, Banff and Jasper in Canada and back through the National Parks to home. Reed Riley went as far as Washington. There were trips with my son Haines, Fritz and his son David through the Western States and another to Canada. Marshall Roath and I traveled to the end of Vancouver Island and back.

Club rides have increased and have been more adventuresome. Dave Peterson introduced us to Kings Canyon. Dick Howard has shown us more back roads than we knew existed. Sam Taylor took us on a 4-day trip into the Trinity Alps and beyond to name a few. Of course I canıt leave out Fritz's annual Death Valley Ride which was the Club's 24th consecutive this year. Recent international trips have been very special. In 1996, Craig DeWolf, Stan Rosow, Dick McSorely and Gloria, Fritz and I did an Edelweiss Royal Alpine Tour. 1997 was another Edelweiss tour to New Zealand with Dick Gale, Phil Spalding, and my son Haines. Last year, Fritz, Dick and Gloria, Stan, Dick, Phil and De Ann, along with friends Terry and Marlane McGarry and Peter Fiore and I did a custom Edelweiss tour of the Alps. This year, Fritz and his son, David, Marshall, John Simmons, Haines, some other friends and I are doing another custom Edelweiss tour of Italy.

There have been many contributors to the MSMC in the past thirty years, and they have come from the Presidency, Board, Ride Leaders, wives, girl friends and friends of the Club, way too many to mention or remember. I would like to thank everyone of them! Can MSMC continue? Yes it can. With the type of people in this Club it can continue to grow and prosper for years to come. Like everything else, it just takes a little tender loving care.

Have a safe ride everyone.