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[] - Harley-Davidson Reveals Serial 1 Electric Bicycle Models

Harley-Davidson‘s electric bicycle sub-brand Serial 1 has revealed its initial line-up of four electric bicycles. The debut line-up of pedal-assist ebikes range in price from $3,399 to $4,999 and will initially launch in the U.S. and Germany. Serial 1 is accepting pre-orders now, with deliveries expected to begin in March 2021.

The launch line-up includes the “urban playbike” MOSH/CTY and the RUSH/CTY commuter bike which will be offered in regular and step-thru frame designs plus a higher performance RUSH/CTY SPEED version. All four models share similar components including integrated lighting, hydraulic disc brakes, a belt drive, and a Brose S Mag electric motor.

The motor claims 250W of continuous power and 66 lb-ft. of torque, which should be more than enough to help climb steep hills and enable quick starts from a stop.The motor is mounted near the crank for a lower center of gravity. An electronic torque sensor measures the amount of pressure applied to the pedals and calculates how much assistance is required. The motor offers four ride modes: Eco for gentle assistance, Tour for maximizing battery usage, Sport for for higher performance and Boost for countering steep hills or strong headwinds. There’s also a walk assist function to make it easier to push the ebikes while on foot.

For the MOSH/CTY, RUSH/CTY and RUSH/CTY STEP-THRU models, the motor is limited to a maximum assistance speed of 20 mph while the RUSH/CTY SPEED bumps that up to 28 mph. All four models have aluminum frames with internally-routed cables. The motors are powered by lithium-ion batteries integrated into the lower frame that can be removed for off-the-bike charging. The battery comes in two sizes, a 529 Wh pack that claims a 2.6-hour charge time and a 706 Wh pack claiming a charge time of 3.5 hours.

The three RUSH/CTY models come with a 1.5-inch TFT display that shows ride mode, current speed, odometer/trip meter, battery charge level and lamp on/off status.

Harley-Davidson announced the Serial 1 sub-brand during its previous quarterly report in late October. The project began as a skunkworks project in the company’s product development center before being spun off into its own brand named after Harley-Davidson’s first motorcycle, nicknamed the “Serial Number One.”

Serial 1’s e-bicycles are designed in Milwaukee, but the company itself is headquartered in Lehi, Utah, which means it has some autonomy from the parent company. The company is a bit cagey about where the bikes are produced, however, saying they will be manufactured by “an experienced global eBicycle supplier” conducted to “world-class standards with oversight by Serial 1.”

The Motor Company has dabbled in bicycles before, launching a line of bikes in 1917 in hopes of attracting women and youths. That venture only lasted until 1923, however, due to low sales. Fast forward a century to today, and Harley-Davidson joins a number of other manufacturers producing e-bicycles. We’ve previously published a review of Yamaha’s pedal-assist bicycles, while Triumph revealed its Trekker GT e-bicycle earlier this year. Meanwhile, Pierer Mobility recently acquired German bicycle manufacturer R Raymon with plans to produce e-bicycles under its Husqvarna and Gas Gas brands.

Serial 1 MOSH/CTY – $3,399

The MOSH/CTY is a designed for urban recreational riding rather than commuting. As such, it is a single-speed bike with the smaller 529 Wh battery, with Serial 1 claiming a range of 35-105 miles. It also lacks the 1.5-inch TFT display offered on the other models. The MOSH/CTY is available in four frame sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. The large model claims a weight of 48.3 pounds.

The Serial 1 MOSH/CTY will be offered in Matte Black/Glossy Rowdy Blue or Matte Black/Gloss Midnight Black.

Serial 1 RUSH/CTY – $4,499

The RUSH/CTY is a commuter model and comes with integrated front and rear racks, a 706 Wh battery and an Enviolo Automatiq electronically-controlled constantly variable transmission (CVT). The RUSH/CTY is available in four frame sizes, with the large frame claiming a weight of 59.0 pounds. Serial 1 claims a range of 35 to 115 miles.

The Serial 1 offers the RUSH/CTY in Matte Vapor Silver/Gloss Burst Orange/Matte Black or Gloss Midnight Black/Matte Black.

Serial 1 RUSH/CTY STEP-THRU – $4,399

The RUSH/CTY STEP-THRU is similar to the regular RUSH/CTY model but, obviously, with a step-through frame which makes it easier for riders to mount or put their feet down at a stop. The STEP-THRU is only offered in small, medium and large sizes, but disappointingly a 529 Wh battery. The smaller battery may be to help reduce weight, as the step-through frame is heavier than the regular frame, with Serial 1 claiming a weight of 59.5 pounds for the medium size. The heavier weight and smaller battery mean the STEP-THRU model only offers a range of 30 to 90 miles.

Serial 1 offers the RUSH/CTY STEP-THRU in Gloss White/Gilded Denim/Matte Black or Gloss Midnight Black/Matte Black.

Serial 1 RUSH/CTY SPEED – $4,999

The RUSH/CTY SPEED is similar to the RUSH/CTY but with a maximum assistance speed 28 mph. The claimed weight of 59.0 pounds for the large frame is the same as the regular RUSH/CTY, and the claimed range of 35 to 115 miles is likewise similar.

The color options for the RUSH/CTY SPEED are Matte Vapor Silver/Gloss Burst Orange/Matte Black and Gloss Midnight Black/Matte Black.

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