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History of Tom Hall - by the MSMC

We already had this thread:

History of the MSMC - by Tom Hall

so when Tom let us know he was retiring at the Olympic club, a number of seasoned members chimed in on Tom's service to the MSMC over the years. Seemed appropriate to capture here:

Tom's initial note:

Originally Posted by Tom
Ladies & Gents,

This is a reminder that I will be retiring from the Olympic Club magazine staff on this Friday, January 14 but will continue as a member of the Olympic Club.

Please do not use this email and phone number to reach me: and My home number and email address should be: and

Have a great New Year,

Here were some of the responses:

Originally Posted by JimT
Tommy Baby,

What a day!! Welcome to the gang.

San Francisco has known some riotous celebrations over the years but in fairness, none should be as meaningful as your retirement. Of course, this also means the obvious. Shortly you will turn over the reins for recording and publicizing the MSMC to a younger, (Hey, they're all younger than you and me) member of high competence. From what I've been reading, we seem to have a few rather competent fellows who can step into that role.

In doing so, I can't help but wonder if they will realize all you've meant/done for this unique club. For over forty years you have been the unofficial/offical camerman, publicity hound, creative designer, historian, and a few other things probably left unspoken. Surprisingly, only one of the original five "bon vivants" has gone on the the great ride-in-the-sky. Charlie Stuart.

The idea was hatched in a gin mill on upper Montgomery St.(Bruno Michetti, Bryce Schuller, and me). Later, the first bottle of whiskey in my office was given to naming, toasting, pledging, saluting, and wondering what now. The Founders: Bruno, Bryce, Charlie, me, and Jerry Danford who broke his leg on the first hairpin turn of the first official ride, moved east, and has not been heard from since.

Word leaked about an outrageous and unlikely collection of characters bent on an oxymoron expression of "business executive motorcycle riders". Within days, you were onboard along with Alan Schultz, Bob Hilton, Gene Chaput, and Peter Schneider. Our roster doubled in less than a week. It was probably on the second bottle of whiskey we decided we should put a cap on the number of members we would seek/allow/tolerate. Forty it was..and has been.

Of the "Charter" members, only you have remained active. You simply personify the word "active". You have almost singlehandedly nurtured this club all these years. You deserve plenty of recognition and thanks.

And now the club has evolved into the respected "Gentleman's Club who happen to ride motorcycles". Who ever wooda thunkit?

I stepped off my bike for the last time when I was 79. Where are you? Stepping off is better than falling off.

Love to you, brother... and happy, safe retirement.

Jim Turner, Founding President
Originally Posted by JEFoley
Here, here!
Originally Posted by Tony
Jim - your words only begin to describe the impact you and Tom have had on so many lives! It was great hearing the two of you yacking about the beginnings when you were here for the 40th.

Tom recruited me into the club after I stumbled onto Don Beaton sitting at Big Rock Deli an hour before the SMR because of daylight savings.

I don't see Tom retiring; just wait for the weather to warm up! We will see that black helmet dancing down the road!
Besides, who the hell will put tire tracks on the helmets!
Originally Posted by Pick4d
Tom: Congrats!

And thanks, Jim, for the fine words about Tom and the Club.

(does this mean the price of helmet stripping goes up?)

Steve Pickford
Originally Posted by Lisa
Fantastic words! I concur, and as a recent female member (though unfortunately not much of a participant this last year for various reasons) I want to acknowledge you too Tom! You have always been very welcoming of me on our various rides and events. Hope I can see more of you, and all of you this coming year!

Best, Lisa Kaiser
Originally Posted by beemerduc
you are the man behind what I consider one of the greatest honors of my life, membership in this great band. ride on.

Originally Posted by philspalding
Hi Tom. Good wishes on your retirement FROM WORKING, AT THE OLYMPIC CLUB! Some of the messages in response (with all of the accolades to you highly deserved) indicate some confusion by some half asleep members in thinking you may be retiring from MSMC, or from driving on two wheels. NO WAY, RIGHT? And you will still be striping helmets?

Here is to more weekday motorcycling!

Originally Posted by Scott McC
Congratulations Tom and a hearty “Hear Hear!” to Phil for the clarification!

Tom, I did not gather that you retiring from the MSMC, but rather your work at the OC! If you are also retiring from the monthly pain of editorial/Newsletter duties of the MSMC that’s LONG OVERDUE ANYWAY!

Besides, I’m sure we all just had a MSMC “mental vote” and decided you can’t quit the MSMC anyway, as you now have a “Special All-Inclusive Tom Hall MSMC Forever Membership!” That’s a SAITHMSMCFM! (Isn’t that easy to say!?? J)


I consider this a LIBERATION and CELEBRATION of your day-to-day “work stuff” and toast your decision!!

Congratulations Tom! I consider it a life’s privilege that I was able to join the MSMC and want to thank both you and Dick Gale for the opportunity.

Cheers and see you on the road soon!,

Scott McClenahan
Originally Posted by johnmcallahan
Good news is the market is coming back and your 401k-TAF (that's the Tires And Fuel Fund) should soon be near pre-recession levels.

Let's go burn some petroleum products.

MSMC / / /
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